Roheim Farm and Wellness Resort – San Fabian, Pangasinan

Roheim Farm and Wellness Resort is a breathtaking farm and resort offers genuine local hospitality and unique experience amidst the beautiful scenery. Situated in Brgy. Colisao, San Fabian, Pangasinan. This Resort was initially meant for a place of relaxation for the Navarro family and soon developed into a unique abode of recreation & reflection for kids and adults alike. This is the ideal destination for the young and young at heart in search of a fun and exciting vacation.

Roheim Farm and Wellness Resort offers Infinity Pool, the first swimming pool constructed in the area with Jacuzzi and a waterfall to give you the fun and relaxation you are looking for. They also have Whalepool, a large swimming pool that is a park, a playground, an adventure area.

Experience one of a kind trip at the Hanging Gardens and relax amidst the breathtaking view of the area. This Hanging Garden is a work of art by skilled and talented craftsmen coming from different parts of the country. It also provides beautiful Campsite, well kept, level, grassy sites, perfect for camping with friends and families. Each site is furnished with a picnic table and the area is provided with a bonfire-ready structure. It is strategically located near the top of the hanging garden adjacent to the home of Roh and Eim, the friendly ostrich pair.

The resort also have Biblical Scenes Tour. This is not just your ordinary biblical scenes. These include activities that make these biblical stories come alive. Biblical Scenes Tour includes Jacob’s Well, Garden Tomb, Ten Commandments, Sea of Galilee, Gethsemane, Pool of Siloam, Cave of Engedi, Rock of Horeb, Sukkot, Jonah, and the Whale.

Contact Details

Address: Alava Road, Brgy. Colisao, San Fabian, Pangasinan
Phone: (02) 710.3203
Mobile: 0917.814.1974/0920.919.2399/0943.138.7623/0998.571.9025
Email: [email protected]


Entrance Fee
Adult and Children 3 Feet and above – Php 200
For night and overnight swimming (6pm – 10pm) – Php 300
Senior Citizens and PWD with ID – Php 143
Senior Citizens and PWD with ID overnight rate – Php 214
*Corkage charge of Php 50/pax for food and drinks brought in the premises (CONSUMABLE)

Map Location:

Function Hall

Jim’s Hall:
Offers a spacious 3600 sq.ft. of area to accommodates 100 – 300 guests for a buffet set up or a cocktail. Includes: Audio/Video, table and chairs. It overlooks a seminary and have a very scenic view specially at sunset.

Jim’s Hall for Rent: Php 10,000 – Php 30,000
– Additional table (plastic monobloc table ) – Php 200
– Additional Chairs (plastic monobloc chair ) – Php 50


The picturesque gazebo is sure to fit your requirement, be it a big gathering or a small get-together. It is adjacent to a swimming pool and can also be a good venue for wedding. It could accommodates 20 – 25 people.
Gazebo Rates:
Php 3,200 – Lean Season
Php 3,500 – Peak Season
Php 3,500 – Super Peak/Holy Week/Long Weekends
Plus Php 500 for videoke

Videoke Room

Chill and relax in Roheim’s Videoke Room. Spacious, exclusive and fully equipped with state of the art speakers particularly designed to make you sing like a pro.
Aircon room with Lounge chair and entertainment set. It could accommodate 20-25 people. consumable for 4 hours
Videoke Room – Php 5,000 (consumable for 4 hours)

View Deck

It is a good place to view the rice terraces, the organic garden and the adjacent Mary Help of Christian Seminary. It is frequently used in Wedding as venue for ceremonies especially those held during sunset.
View Deck – Php 3,000


Same thrill, sustainable fear
Php 100 per ride

Fish Spa:

Get rid of those dead skin cells while enjoying a micro massage for the feet and legs.
Php 50 per 15mins

Fishing on Pond and Lagoon:

It is constructed as a water collection area that doubles as a fishing pond and a park.
Php 100 per fishing rod and bait
*Pay for your own catch of Tilapia @ 200 per kilo.

Multi-Purpose Court

This multi-purpose court could be use for a variety of games: basketball, volleyball and badminton. It is also used as team-building venue of some guests.
Php100/hour but a deposit of Php500 is required.

Nurse Station:

Not feeling well? Want to have your BP checked? It’s totally free. Feeling tired and muscle pain? Relax while being massaged of zapped.
Massage – Php 600 per hour
Zapper – Php 100 per hour

Gazebo and Cottages Rates

Nipa Shed 2×2: Shed with nipa roofing. Good for 5-8 persons. Php 900 Php 1,000 Php 1,000
Nipa Shed 2×3: Shed with nipa roofing. Good for 8-12 persons Php 1,200 Php 1,300 Php 1,300
Nipa Shed 3×3Shed with nipa/cement roofing. Good for 10-15 persons. Php 1,300 Php 1,500 Php 1,500
Nipa Shed 3×4:Shed with nipa roofing. Good for 15-20 pax. Php 1,800 Php 2,000 Php 2,000
Large Tent:Good for 50 persons, 60 chairs and 3 long tables and 6 round tables. Php 5,000 Php 5,500 Php 5,500
Per Panel:With 2 tables and chairs for 20 persons. Php 1,800 Php 1,800 Php 2,000
Large Shed: (WHOLE) Good for 50 persons, tables and 50 chairs Php 4,500 Php 5,500 Php 5,500
Large Shed: (HALF) Good for 25 persons, 5 tables and 25 chairs. Php 2,250 Php 2,500 Php 2,500
Table & Chairs: Round or Rectangular Table with Big umbrella + 5 chairs Php 500
Camping Grounds Guest’s Tent: Tent Accommodation inclusive of overnight entrance Php 400 per person
Camping Grounds Resort Tent: Tent accommodation with bedding’s which is inclusive of overnight entrance. Php 600 per person


Wellness Center* Dormitory: AC,w/ cable TV, T & B, hot/cold shower. Good for 12 – 24 pax Php 7,650 Php 8,500 Php 9,350
Deluxe: AC,2 double bed, cable TV, T & B, hot/cold shower. Good for 4-6 pax,w/ breakfast for 4 pax Php 4,500 Php 5,000 Php 5,500
Standard: AC,2 double bed,cable TV, T & B, hot/cold shower. Good for 2-4 pax,w/ breakfast for 2 pax Php 2,850 Php 3,150 Php 3,500
Tower of David David Hostel: AC,Separate T&B w/ water heater. Good for 8-12 pax, Php 6,500 Php 7,200 Php 8,000
Green View Lodge Whole Lodge: AC,3 T&B,w/ sala, dining and kitchenette w/ ref. Good for 15-24 pax, Php 13,500 Php 15,000 Php 16,500
Green View Lodge GVL Extention: AC w/ separate T&B, hot & cold shower. Good for 8-12 pax, Php 6,500 Php 7,200 Php 8,000
Green View Lodge Family Room: AC w/ 1 bed room, sala, dining, and mini kitchen. Good for 4-6 pax, Php 5,400 Php 6,000 Php 6,600
Kubo Compound Kubo Annex 1 & 2:Native kubo w/ porch and T&B. W/ free entrance and breakfast for 2. Good for 2-5 pax, Php 2,100 Php 2,300 Php 2,600
Kubo Compound Kubo Annex 3:Native kubo w/ porch and T&B. W/ free entrance and breakfast for 4. Good for 4-6 pax, Php 3,600 Php 4,000 Php 4,400
Kubo Compound Kubo Villa UP Dorm-Type:Room w/ air cooler, fan and T&B. Good for 10-20 pax, Php 6,200 Php 6,800 Php 7,500
Kubo Compound Kubo Villa DOWN Dorm-Type:Room w/ air cooler, fan and T&B. Good for 9-18 pax, Php 6,200 Php 6,800 Php 7,500



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