Umbrella Rocks – Agno, Pangasinan

Umbrella Rocks is one of the Agno’s prided Attractions. These are umbrella-shaped boulders dotting the mouth of the Balincaguing River in Sabangan.

Sabangan Beach with its Umbrella Rocks has a diverse marine eco-system showcasing beautiful corals and different sea creatures. Surrounded by crystal clear blue water. A perfect place for swimming, snorkeling, and diving.


The dazzling beauty of umbrella rocks is a work of the natural elements through a number of geological periods. The rock formations that resemble gigantic umbrellas formed by the incessant lapping of tidal waves against the shore through the centuries. This picturesque view of the umbrella rocks beside the beach and mountain is the reason why the place is loved by nature lovers and photographers.

Aside from this famous attraction, Agno Pangasinan is also known for its Sabangan beach. It has an old lighthouse wherein you can see the panoramic view of the beach. It will take less than a hundred steps to the old lighthouse.

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