Abagatanen White Sand Beach – Agno, Pangasinan

Abagatanen White Sand Beach is located in Agno Pangasinan. Agno Pangasinan is situated between the towns of Burgos and Bani. It was named after a swamp tree called “Agno Casto”, which grows abundantly in the area and is used for medicinal concoctions to relieve pain and illness.

Being situated in the coastal municipality, Agno in Pangasinan has been blessed with a number of beautiful seaside natural wonders. Umbrella Rock Formation which is one of the Agno’s prided Attractions. These are umbrella-shaped boulders dotting the mouth of the Balincaguing River in Sabangan Beach.

There are more beaches waiting in Agno that can offer you tranquil and virgin white-sand beaches. Abagatanen Beach is one of them and getting more popular among tourists because of its natural beauty. There is a river flowing in an estuary that splits the sand during the rainy season. The sand is not as white and powdery as the famous white beaches on Boracay but somewhat creamy-colored fine sand-like Patar White Beach in Bolinao. The water is crystal clear perfect for swimming and snorkeling. It is situated in a cove west of Agno fronting the West Philippine Sea, not far from the more famous Umbrella Rock Resort.

Roads going to Abagatanen Beach are all concrete now from Agno proper. But there’s no cell site/mobile reception in the area. There are cottages available for small and large families, but you have to bring food as it does not have any restaurants and big markets.

Contact Details:

Location: Agno, Pangasinan
Agno Tourism Office: 0920.965.0463 / 0946.944.0446

Things to do in Abagatanen White Beach

  • Swimming
  • Snorkeling
  • Camping
  • Rock formation tour
  • Abagatanen view deck
  • Beach Hopping to:
    • Visit Duro
    • Visit Sawit
    • Visit Kibwar
    • Visit Ulgen

Abagatanen White Sand Beach Entrance and Room Rates

Entrance Fee: Free
Where to stay in Abagatanen White Sand Beach?
There are now transient houses and cottages where you can stay in Abagatanen White Sand Beach . Tent pitching is also allowed.

*Make sure you all have the things needed before heading to Abagatanen Beach as there’s no markets or big stores in the area. Most of the establishments here have shared kitchens and parking lots.

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