Enchanted Cave Resort

Bolinao, Pangasinan

Enchanted Cave is one of the must-visit attractions in Bolinao, Pangasinan. It is one of the top tourist attractions in town. The name itself portrays its mystical beauty. The entire place is really enchanted since it is like a huge coral reef that emerged from underwater. Local people and tour guides believe that millions of years ago Bolinao was under the sea due to the discovery of coral rocks (limestones) and fossilized giant clams around the area. And there are old rock formations everywhere that look like coral rocks found under the sea.

Enchanted Cave Water Falls
Enchanted Cave Kiddie Pool
Enchanted Cave Wishing Well
Enchanted Cave Wishing Well

The main tourist attraction here is the cave itself, but the whole place was developed to gain more tourist arrivals. The swimming pools for kids with man-made waterfalls adds additional beauty to the place. The garden is full of ornamental plants and a collection of beautiful bonsai. And don’t forget to bring some coins, a wishing well is situated in the garden beside the cave entrance. You might want to make a wish, who knows the enchanted cave wishing well might help you grant that wish. There are tour guides assigned to certain locations of the Enchanted Cave Resort. They assist tourists in the direction of the attractions inside the compound of Enchanted Cave Resort. 

Enchanted Cave Bolinao Pangasinan
Spring Pool Inside The Enchanted Cave

There is a tour guide who will assist you at the entrance of the Cave. He will ask you if you will swim in the spring pool of the cave or for viewing only. If you are for viewing only, he will give you a hard hat. And if you want to swim in the spring pool of the cave, he will give you a hard hat and a life vest. Before you are allowed to enter the cave, the tour guide at the main entrance will make a call to a tour guide assigned inside the cave and notify him that someone will be about to enter the cave. And when the tour guide inside the cave approved it, then it is about time for you to enter. They are required to do this because they observe the number of tourists allowed to stay inside the cave.

Enchanted Cave Giant Cross View Deck
Enchanted Cave Giant Cross View Deck

The water of the cave is clean and very clear. It is coming from the natural spring inside the cave. The underground spring pool of the cave
is estimated to be around 3 ft to 6 ft. It is good for swimming but there are certain areas inside the caves where the cave management authorities will restrict you to enter for safety. Bringing some soap, shampoo, or any chemical that can harm the water inside the cave is strictly prohibited.

There is also a Giant Cross View Deck located at the back part of the enchanted cave. A tourist takes about a few minutes’ walks before reaching the site of the Giant Cross. A few minutes of hike and a little effort in climbing the giant cross would be worth it when you see the amazing view at the top. You will see the beautiful forest and different kinds of trees at the back and the amazing beauty of the coastline of Patar in front.

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Enchanted Cave Fees and ROOM Rates

Entrance Fee (Day Tour)

  • Day Tour is from 8am – 5pm only.
  • At present, night accommodation is not allowed.

Enchanted Cave Fees and ROOM Rates

Kubo equipped with aircon

Air-Conditioned rooms

Tents Rate per night


  • Room Rates includes ENTRANCE FEES. If there are excess person, need to pay additional Php 400.00/pax
  • They are not accepting guest for overnight accommodation. Enchanted cave is for day tour only at present.
  • All prices are subject to change without prior notice.

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Enchanted Cave

Enchanted Cave Garden

Enchanted Cave Outdoor Swimming Pool

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Enchanted Cave Giant Cross View Deck

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Frequently Asked Questions

– About 13 mins to Patar White Sand Beach and Cape Bolinao Light House.

– About 3 mins to Wonderful Cave,

About 6 mins to Cindys Cave.

– About 13 mins to Balingasay River Cruise.

– About 27 mins to Tara Falls.

– About 15 mins to Bolinao Hidden Spring.

– About 30 mins to Bolinao Falls

– About 20 mins to St. James The Great Parish Church.

– About 27 mins to Camp Puor

Yes there are popular restaurants that are just a few  minutes away Enchanted Cave.

For any inquiries about Enchanted Cave, kindly Call or Text: 0995-409-2589 / 0947-494-3898 or drop a message on  their Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EnchantedCave/