Birdland is the first boutique eco resort in Bolinao. It is officially opened in April 2016 and one of the best Bolinao resorts.

swim in underwater caves, snorkel in front of the resort to view and be amazed by 7 of the 8 giant clam species in the world (the size of car tires). Ride the only bamboo solar tricycle in the Philippines to tour Bolinao’s famous sites like Patar White Beach, Enchanted Cave, and the Bolinao waterfalls.

Cruise during sunset with donut boat(Birdlland’s version of the banana boat). Go island-hopping including Birdland’s private island, Bird Fantasy Island and watch the sunset like stranded castaways. Surf the third-longest surf break in the world in Salaki Island. Jump off Bolinao Falls 1, 2, and 3, minutes from our resort. Float with Birdland’s floating houses. Also one of the best spots for sunset view in Bolinao.

Birdland Beach Club has been featured four times on ABS CBN in 2016 for original inventions and innovations: dehydrated organic fruits, vegetables, meats, and seafood; bamboo solar tricycle; donut boat, and hundreds of handmade birdhouses. In 2017, Birdland Beach Club also featured on GMA’s show “I Juander” as the best honeymoon spot in Bolinao and Pangasinan and ABS CBN again for the three-story kubos, The Residences at Bolifugao, another Birdland original. Birdland Beach Club has been voted the best eco-resort in Pangasinan in 2017. BBC is a resort-like no other you have ever seen.

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Location:Long Beach Street, Bolinao, Philippines
Phone: 0977.830.9810 / 0917.791.9643
Mobile No.: 0906.893.4443
Call or text to Book: 0917.791.9643
Facebook: Birdland Beach Club.

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No Day Tours, Birdland Beach Club is exclusively for registered guests only.

Room Rates
Birdland Beach Club Resort in Bolinao range from modern air conditioned cabanas, 3, 4, and 5 story Ifugao inspired wooden homes(Bolifugao Residences), cogon grass outdoor kubo huts that sit in the water on the ocean floor during high tide, to basic budget huts with electric fans.

All cabanas have 2-3 horsepower inverter split air conditioners, 50 inch flat screen TV’s, full size refrigerator, and water heater showers. All kubos have mattresses, beddings, towels, basic toiletries, electric fans and outlets, and drop down heavy drapes for privacy.

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