Camp Puor – Tourist Spot and Campsite in Bolinao Pangasinan

Camp Puor is the newest tourist attraction in Bolinao Pangasinan. Located at Pansur, Tupa, Bolinao Pangasinan. The name “Camp Puor” came from Bolinao dialect “Puor”, meaning “Fire”, and it is a camping site that’s why they call it CAMP PUOR. It became more popular because of its unique and instagrammable structures and trending hugot signages perfect for picture taking. Tourists can enjoy the overnight camping experiences, boating, and swimming in the river or in their continuously flowing swimming pool.

The main attraction of this campsite is the scenic beauty of Balingasay River. Which is dubbed as the cleanest and greenest river in Region 1. Balingasay River won twice the Gawad Pangulo sa Kapaligiran Award for inland bodies of water and was the recipient of the highly prestigious Wetlands Conservation Award in 1994.
Balingasay River, Camp Puor
Balingasay River, a multi-awarded river and dubbed as the cleanest and greenest river in Region 1
The Pantal Hanging Bridge in Sitio Lubigan, Barangay Cabuyao, Bolinao, Pangasinan, is also an additional attraction to this place. It is the bridge connects Sitio Lubigan in Barangay Cabuyao and Barangay Tupa in the town of Bolinao. It is made of metal and light vehicles like bikes and motorcycles can pass in Pantal Hanging Bridge.

Happy campers are most welcome at Camp Puor. Nature-loving groups can relax, unwind, play, share stories and adventures.

Camp Puor - A campsite along Balingasay River in Bolinao Pangasinan

Pangasinan is situated at the northern west coast of the archipelago facing West Philippine Sea. It’s beauty and treasures have been always known to everyone because it is famous for being home of the most  renowned, Hundred Islands. Bolinao is the farthest corner of Pangasinan. It is known as “a hidden gem Pangasinan” and “the giant clam capital of the Philippines“. It became a favorite tourist destination because of its natural tourist destination such as caves, beaches, old and historical church, lighhouseriver, campsites, and waterfalls

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Camp Puor Rates and Rental Fees Day-Tour

Entrance Fee (8 AM to 6 PM)

Cottages Rates and Rental Fees:

Camp Puor Rates and Rental Fees - Overnight

Entrance Fee (1 PM to 9 AM)

Overnight Camping

Cottages Rates and Rental Fees

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  • Camp Puor management  do not offer pillows, blankets and mattress to campers. If you are planning to have overnight camping, you must bring your camping beddings and other equipment’s to enjoy traditional camping.
  • Be always updated with the present travel requirements, guidelines and restrictions before you visit any tourism spot in Pangasinan.
  • All rates written above are subject to change without prior notice.

User's Fee - Environmental Fee and Registration Fee

USER"S FEE - Bolinao Pangasinan


Note: Other fees like entrance fees, parking fees and other fees are not included in the USER’S Fee.


♦ HOW TO GET TO BOLINAO (By Private Car)

• From Manila to Bolinao, travel time takes about 4 to 5 hours.

•Take North Luzon Expressway (NLEX) and go straight ahead to SCTEX and exit via Luisita.
• At the junction of Siesta Court, turn left and take the road leading to Camiling, Tarlac and keep driving straight to Bugallon, Pangasinan.
• At the junction of Bugallon, turn left going to Alaminos, and straight ahead to Bani.
• Once you reach the town of Bani turn right and straight ahead going to Bolinao.


• Approaching from Manila, heading to Bolinao requires an approximate 6-6.5 hour bus ride. From Cubao and Pasay there are three (3) bus companies (Five Star, Dagupan Bus, and Victory Liner) that offer daily trip to Bolinao on multiple schedules.

• Another option is to take an Alaminos bound bus on a rare instance that direct trips are full on said terminals. From the City of Alaminos, Bolinao is only an hour away by either bus or UV express.


•FIVE STAR BUS CO. – Cubao. Pasay    | Aircon/Ordinary  |  (02)853-4772 (02)911-7359

•DAGUPAN BUS CO. – Cubao              | Aircon                  |  (02)727-2330 

•VICTORY LINER CO. – Cubao              | Aircon                  |  (02) 842 8679

How to go to Camp Puor

Travel By Boat (Balingasay River)

This trip is a good choice when you want a side trip to Camp Puor after you eat at Sungayan Grill Balingasay River Cruise.

• From Balingasay  River (Balingasay Bridge), You can rent a Motor Boat going to Camp Puor. 

• Make sure you negotiate the rates with the motorboat operator first before hopping on a boat. Make it clear on the rates and hours of staying at the Camp Puor. 

Travel by Land (Balingasay - Patar Junction)

This trip is best when you are coming from Patar and Balingsay

• From Patar Beach, Follow Patar Rd going back to Balingasay.

• In Balingasay, before you reach the Balingasay Bridge, turn right to Upland Twp Rd

• Turn left to stay on Upland Twp Rd and Continue onto Bolinao Trail

• Turn left when you reach the Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses.

• Continue in that direction to Camp Puor.

Travel by Land (Sitio Lubigan, Barangay Cabuyao)

This trip is best when you are coming from Bolinao Town proper. Following Barangay Cabuyao Road. You will travel by land, crossing the hanging bridge or riding a boat.

• From Bolinao town proper, Follow Regional Hwy 5.

• Turn Right to Cabuyao-Balingasay Rd.

• Stay at Cabuyao-Balingasay Rd. until you reach the Balingasay River.

• When you reach the Balingasay River, you need to cross Pantal Hanging Bridge to get to Camp Puor.

• It is the bridge connects Sitio Lubigan in Barangay Cabuyao and Barangay Tupa in the town of Bolinao. The bridge is old, so be careful when crossing.

• Other option in crossing the bridge is by riding a small boat available in the area with minimum amount.


Travel by Land (Brgy. Samang Norte)

This trip is the shortest way when you are coming from Alaminos City or Bani Pangasinan. And you can have a side trip to Bolinao Falls 1, 2 and 3 (popular tourist spots in Bolinao.)

• Follow Regional Hwy 5 .

• Turn left onto Bolinao Trail.

• Stay on Bolinao Trail until you reach the Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses, turn right.

• Continue in that direction to Camp Puor.