El Pescador Resort Hotel – Beach Resort in Bolinao, Pangasinan

El Pescador Bolinao Pangasinan
El Pescador Resort Pool Area

El Pescador Resort and Hotel is ideal in its quiet country setting and offers anything you may need for your getaway. It is a beachfront hotel and has two big swimming pools with twisted slide. You can also enjoy other activities like fishing, snorkeling, boating, kayaking, and basketball.

Most rooms in the seaside hotel offer modern interior style, coffee tables, local art deco, big windows, and balconies to enjoy the sea breeze and colorful sunset. While rooms in the twin building offer a panoramic view of the swimming pools, lush landscapes of the area and other resorts facilities.

El Pescador Bolinao Pangasinan
El Pescador Resort Seaside Grand Hotel

Enjoy in or outdoor dining with El Pescador’s award-winning breakfast, lunch or dinner without leaving the hotel. They offer in-room dining, serve your food in the seaside shed or poolside shed.

Swing by the Coastal Coffee Bar where there’s always something tasty to pick up when you’re on the go.

El Pescador Resort offers several beautifully furnished function rooms ideal for receptions and parties from a romantic sunset wedding on the coast to elegant ballroom settings to corporate meeting functions to retreats. The spectacular garden with an elegant atmosphere is also available for guests who wish to celebrate life’s most meaningful moments under lush and verdant trees and flowers.

Contact Details

Location: San Andres St., Brgy. Germinal, Bolinao, Pangasinan
Phone: 075-633-0527
Mobile: +639999926184 / +639271450110
E-mail: elpescadorofficial@gmail.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/elpescadorhotel
Website: www.elpescadorbolinao.com

Location Map

El Pescador Resort Hotel Rates

Day Tour Rates

Entrance Fee: Free

Swimming Pool Rates:
Adult – Php 200.00/head
Kids – Php 100.00/head

Poolside Shed: Php 500.00
Seaside Shed: Php 1,000.00

Room Rates

Kubo Cottages
Kubo Double BedPhp 1,550.00/night1 double(s)2
Kubo 2 Double BedPhp 3,550.00/night2 double(s)4
El Pescador Resort Hotel Bolinao
Twin Building at El Pescador Resort Hotel

Twin Building Rooms

Twin Building Double BedPhp 2,350.00/night1 double(s)2
Twin Building King BedPhp 2,650.00/night1 double(s)2
Twin Building Double Bed APhp 3,550.00/night2 double(s)4
Twin Building Double Bed BPhp 3,350.00/night2 double(s)4
Twin Building 2 Double 3 Single BedPhp 3,350.00/night2 double, 3 Single(s)7


El Pescador Resort Hotel Bolinao
Sea-Side Grand Hotel at El Pescador Resort Hotel
Grand Hotel Rooms
Sea-side Grand Double BedPhp 3,250.00/night1 double(s)2
Sea-side Grand 2 Single BedsPhp 3,550.00/night2 single(s)2
Sea-side Grand 2 Single Beds (w/balcony)Php 4,050.00/night2 single(s)2
Sea-side Grand Double Bed (w/balcony)Php 3,750.00/night1 double(s)2
Sea-side Grand 1 Double, 1 Single (w/balcony)Php 4,500.00/night1 single(s), 1 double(s)3
Sea-side Grand 3 Single BedsPhp 4,750.00/night3 single(s)3
Sea-side Grand 2 Double BedsPhp 5,000.00/night2 double(s)4
Sea-side Grand 2 Double Beds (w/balcony)Php 5,500.00/night2 double(s)4
Sea-side Grand 1 Double, 2 Single BedsPhp 6,500.00/night2 single(s), 1 double(s)5
Sea-side Grand 4 Single BedsPhp 5,500.00/night4 single(s)4
Sea-side Grand 7 Single BedsPhp 8,750.00/night7 single(s)7
Sea-side Grand 2 Double, 1 Single BedsPhp 6,500.00/night1 single(s), 2 double(s)5
Sea-side Grand 3 Double BedsPhp 7,000.00/night3 double(s)6
Sea-side Grand 3 Double Beds (w/balcony)Php 7,500.00/night3 double(s)6
Sea-side Grand 3 Double, 1 Single BedsPhp 8,500.00/night1 single(s), 3 double(s)7
Sea-side Grand 4 Double BedsPhp 9,450.00/night4 double(s)8
Sea-side Grand 4 Double Beds (w/balcony)Php 9,950.00/night4 double(s)8
Sea-side Grand 4 Double, 1 Single BedsPhp 10,450.00/night1 single(s), 4 double(s)9
Sea-side Grand 5 Double BedsPhp 12,000.00/night5 double(s)10
El Pescador Bolinao Pangasinan
Sea-Side Grand Hotel at El Pescador Resort Hotel
Power House
Power HousePhp 6,000.00/night1 double(s)2
Beach House
Beach HousePhp 6,000.00/night1 king(s)2
El Pescador Bolinao Pangasinan
Sea-Side Vista at El Pescador Resort Hotel
Sea-Side Vista
Sea-Side VistaPhp 6,000.00/night1 king(s)2

Terms and Conditions

  • All rates are subject to change without prior notification.
  • A 50% non refundable deposit will be required to secure booking.
  • Balance is payable along with any extras prior to departure.
  • Provisional bookings will be held for 72 hours after which they will automatically be cancelled.

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